What do we do?

Countless sandwiches daily
A large amount of products can be produced by our company depending on your request.
Delivery everyday
We deliver our products on the island of Montreal.

A big selection of sandwiches

Wemake a large choice to accomodate your needs: baguette, ciabatta, croissant, wrap to healthy bread.


Some salads...

We have different sizes of salads for lunch or for snack. Prepared fresh daily, on a rotating menu, with a large choice of salads: quinoa, lentil, morrocan, macarroni...



For a little snack, we prepare smaller portions of food:
- Fruit cups smaller.
- Veggies and hummus.
- Cheese and grape platter.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition values about each one of our products are available upon request.


We deliver daily to satisfy our customer's individual needs. Our delivery trucks reach the Greater Montreal region.

  • Suivi en temps réel des livraisons
  • Rapport et suivi de livraison quotidien
  • Tracabilité des produits par numéro de lot
  • Système de commande fiable via internet
  • Fléxibilité et ajustement pour livraison spécial